A key part of our work is our resettlement service for young adults who are serving custodial sentences. We take an holistic approach to reduce violence and work with those most likely to become victims or perpetrators, our work reaches those in HMP’s across the Country.  Our resettlement/in reach support ensures our relationship with those at risk is maintained throughout their sentence/release.  We aim to provide real pathways out of reoffending and violence.  We will work with our participants addressing a whole host of needs including accommodation, education/training, employment, health, family relationships and other identified welfare issues.   We provide an open minded, non-judgemental service and will continue to work with our participants no matter how long it takes.  Our support is tailored to their individual’s needs.  Our work includes;

  • Working in partnership with HMP providers/Probation Services
  • Prison release /gate collection – imminent support i.e. benefits, housing welfare issues
  • Long term goal setting/support to achieve plan of support to prevent offending and achieve positive outcomes
  • Training/Education and employment, literacy skills, becoming job ready and searching for employment

Our community base is a ‘safe zone’ for young men, women and their families to attend to secure support and guidance.  Here, we often do young men’s CV’s, hold group meetings, mother’s support and a space to come and talk openly and safely.

‘I was released from prison 2 days before Christmas and left homeless sleeping in a car.  I had recently been shot with 2 bullets damaging my bladder meaning I was very unsafe and unhealthy. They team picked me up immediately and began the process of emergency housing and care.  I am now living in my own flat and working part time, without the team, I could be dead or back in prison’

my VI has supported me through my prison sentence and collected me upon release.  He helped me sort out all my benefits, did my CV and has been helping me look for a job.  It’s more than just this though, he listens to me, talks to me about how to deal with things in life.  I trust him and no he is someone we can turn too’