Outreach/Family Support

Community based outreach work is vital to engage not only young men and women but also communities as a whole.  Our outreach work is about making support as accessible and relevant as possible.  We use existing networks to reach families, running services from convenient local venues i.e. community centres, estates.  This is how we raise awareness of our anti-violence message and include the community to also share this vision and spread the message.  Our outreach work also includes community events such as family fun days, prayer vigils upon the death of a young person killed through gun and knife violence.

Our Target Group:  We work with 16-25 year olds involved in serious street violence.  Our client cohort is typically made up of high-risk individuals who are incarcerated, recently released from prison, have a history of violent behaviour or street violence and/or who have been the victim of a stabbing or shooting.

‘You have given me and my family so much support especially my son who is very grateful for all your hard work. I hope you can continue to help the community in such a wonderful way. My son doesn’t feel so alone and now he feels he knows someone who believes in him. I hope you can continue to help families in the community.’

Additionally, we arrange yearly outward bound trips for young men and women that give them a chance to leave the area and attain different life skills within challenging environments.  They are able to leave their usual environments for a few days and attain a different life experience and skills that equip them for the challenges they face in their lives.  We provide them with a comfortable, safe space to explore their emotions, learn new skills and live their lives to their fullest potential.

‘I had an amazing time, thanks for letting me have this experience and get away from my normal life.  It has made me think about things and how I need to change’

Part of our community work is to ensure that upon a death of a young person/adult killed by gun or knife violence, we ensure we intensively support the whole community and mark the death by uniting people and spreading the message of peace and anti-violence.    The prayer vigil below was organised after the double murder of two young men whom the team had known well for a number of years.

(Article below from Daily Mail in which Ms Hothi spoke on behalf of the family and community)

Tonight around 25 grieving relatives and friends of the victims sobbed and held each other for comfort as they stood in pouring rain for prayers close to the spot where the pair were found. Speaking on behalf of the group, a close friend of the families who declined to be named, said:

 ‘We need peace and unity in our community.  We have a lot of mums from the area here to show solidarity, that we can get through this and be there for their families. ‘This has shocked us all deeply, it has affected everyone and we need time to grieve the loss of these two boys. ‘We need space. This is our time to remember them.’