About Us

Our Mission

We help individuals entrenched in serious violence break away from the cycle they are trapped in. We help them to achieve peaceful resolutions for potentially violent conflicts and stop retaliations. The charity’s aims are to reduce shootings, stabbings and killings within communities.  We aim to socially include disadvantaged people and assist them to achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

Our model relies on our Violence Interrupters: respected, trained community members who engage in high-risk conflict mediation to prevent the escalation of violent episodes.

We also mobilise local communities so that they are empowered to challenge the view that violence is an acceptable way of life.

Our Journey

The Charity’s journey began in Chicago, in 2010, when the Founder began the process of exploring new ways to address rising levels of serious violent crime amongst communities in the UK. They went to visit a charity called Ceasefire Chicago (now known as Cure Violence) that had demonstrated incredible success in reducing the number of gun/gang related fatalities in that area.

Chaos Theory was established in 2011 and is now well established in Waltham Forest. Over the past two years, Chaos Theory has engaged 81 ‘high risk’ and ‘hard to reach’ clients. They have received one-to-one outreach support, welfare support, prison support and violence interruption.